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share those best practices
Tue May 26, 2015 11:10

I hope you'll share those best practices you learned from Mom, and what you found worked best for your student this year. Most of the children I've worked with who have ASD also have some sort of sensory processing issues. A neurologist I met at a conference described them as sensory spikes--e.g., things go from normal to very quiet to very loud although the environment may not change. All the more reason to explore written language with these kiddos, since it remains after the senses return to a manageable state.

  • Tavia Cathey introduction - catheyt, Mon May 25 20:56
    I am a kindergarten teacher in Davidson County Schools. Throughout my 15 years teaching I've taught K, 2, 4 and K- 5 reading intervention, so I've had some experience in just about all elementary... more
    • share those best practices - koppenhaverd, Tue May 26 11:10
    • Tavia Cathey - hildebranak, Mon May 25 21:26
      I am thrilled that there is a teacher with a lot of "regular" teaching experience in this group. I know you will have a lot to share with us. And thank you for sharing your experience with your SPD... more
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