Labeling hurts ASD students
Sat May 30, 2015 23:05

Well said! I agree, we are all guilty of labeling. It is hard not to but vital to continually work against doing so. For example, once a student misbehaves a few continuous times, he or she becomes the "bad" student. This is counterproductive because how we label a person affects how we treat them and this just feeds into the "bad" behavior. The "bad" student starts seeing himself/herself as bad.

  • importance of I can - catheyt, Sat May 30 20:16
    I agree with you about the importance of keeping an "I can" environment for all students. I think it is important to not place our judgment of ability on these students and see each as an individual. ... more
    • Labeling hurts ASD students - tatem1, Sat May 30 23:05
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