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Rebecca McVey
Sat May 30, 2015 23:09

Your question has so many "what if's." By this I mean that I feel that the answer depends upon each individual's situation. I love the idea of letting each child read whatever they want to, but I feel like this has to be limited due to standardized testing, and functional academic needs. I feel that each situation should be assessed and the teacher should determine how to give a student the greatest amount of choice possible. For example, older individuals may be able to lead their own learning, but younger may only get a choice between two different texts. The possibilities vary extremely.

  • Student Choice - Nicholas Flippen, Sat May 30 13:23
    In most of the discussions that happened in my study group, I think they all went back to the idea of giving students with ASD choice when it comes to their reading and writing instruction. In the... more
    • Choice-Nick-Reply - Rebecca McVey, Sat May 30 23:09
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