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Rebecca McVey
Silent reading argument re
Sat May 30, 2015 23:47

First off, Rachel, I completely agree with your statement that I read things out loud to increase understanding all the time.

This is a difficult thing for me to make a decision about. Maybe I'll just ride the fence. I understand that being able to read silently is a skill that is more difficult than reading aloud and therefore takes a higher level of reading mastery. I feel that this is however more about the mechanics of reading and less about comprehension mastery. On the other hand, there are certain social situations that call for students to read silently.

Forgetting functional and social skills, based fully on academics, is reading silently something that is absolutely crucial?

  • Reading Out Loud - Rachel Caldwell, Fri May 29 12:18
    On the other side of that, if reading aloud works for them and allows them to understand what the text is saying, then would being able to read silently really be a big issue? I know for me... more
    • Silent reading argument re - Rebecca McVey, Sat May 30 23:47
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