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Rebecca McVey
Sun May 31, 2015 00:14

This should have been attached to the above post.
Temple talks a lot about how she is a visual learner and is able to see things in her mind. She does not see things like others typically do however, it is almost like her brain is a filing cabinet full of pictures. I really love how she talks about how sometimes the least obvious is the most obvious. This is import to think about as a teacher of persons with Autism. It is so important to think about every possible aspect, or even simply ask the student. Another thing that she talks about is her inability to stay organized as well as problem solving. Teaching organization is much easier than teaching problem solving. Both, however, are arguably equally important. She then goes on to talk about brain differences and learning styles. As a teacher, each lesson should be adapted for each of these learning styles. How do we find the time to do this however?

What do you all think about tailoring instruction for different minds?

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