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Wise words
Sun May 31, 2015 08:26

I think you're right, Chelsea. We would love to have a golden rule or a clear set of steps for 'what to do next if..' for every situation we will ever encounter in the classroom... but that's not realistic and it's not helpful. I think relying on your past experiences and the expertise you have and others have is the best way to go about making decisions. Since I will be a very new teacher, I will also rely on those around me and will go to them to ask these questions. If a student of mine with ASD is struggling consistently and not responding to any of those six ideas for literacy work- I would research what the experts say and ask the experts in my building. Just finding kind words and being reminded to never give up could help just as much as a new strategy direction in some cases.

  • Re - What if it does not work - Chelsea King, Sat May 30 17:40
    With my experiences I have constantly wondered what if this and what if that and I don't think anybody could provide a clear and concise answer to this. It's a case by case decision and we all have... more
    • systematic tough choices - koppenhaverd, Mon Jun 1 14:40
      At the end of this class, I would hope that the tough choices all teachers have to make would be a little more systematic in the following ways: 1. Knowledge of what works generally in terms of... more
    • Wise words - miloshcl, Sun May 31 08:26
    • Reply to Chelsea - Britt Hatcher, Sat May 30 17:50
      It is a scary decision that has to be made one person that could either negatively or positively affect that student. I also think that when it comes down to it that the relationship that we have... more
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