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Not memorized
Mon Jun 1, 2015 14:15

This was a reading assessment not an instructional lesson He had never seen the words before. He was reading them.

Regarding visual cues. If you want children to learn to read independently with comprehesnion, it seems most efficient to focus on print. Illustrations or pictures might assist in studying individual words (but would need to be widely varied to keep child from thinking, e.g., boat is just this picture and not a category of vehicles that float).

  • Memorization? & Comprehension - Angie Helton, Sun May 31 07:00
    I just realized that I didn't post my initial response in the correct place. So, although it's a day late, in the correct place, I'm posting it again. I enjoyed reading most of the articles this week ... more
    • Not memorized - koppenhaverd, Mon Jun 1 14:15
    • Memorization or real reading? - miloshcl, Sun May 31 13:21
      Hey Angie, I think that's a good observation--knowing your students would certainly help you know when they are reciting from memory and when they are working on decoding skills. Hopefully we will... more
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