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pictures vs movie
Mon Jun 1, 2015 14:21

I think Temple thinks in movies more than pictures, at least when speaking publicly. On two occasions that I am aware of, she was interrupted during a public talk like the video you watched. She was unable to resume where she left off. She returned to the beginning of her talk and worked straight through it. So, the challenge might be helping students with ASD organize shorter videos that they can arrange and rearrange as needed.

Great question about finding time for individualizing. Reality? You can't. You can, however, vary instruction and work toward universal design principles.

  • Temple - Rebecca McVey, Sun May 31 00:14
    This should have been attached to the above post. Temple talks a lot about how she is a visual learner and is able to see things in her mind. She does not see things like others typically do however, ... more
    • pictures vs movie - koppenhaverd, Mon Jun 1 14:21
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