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it's not black and white
Mon Jun 1, 2015 15:15

It's not a question of using interests or not using interests to keep kids with ASD engaged. You saw enough students in the videos this week, I hope, to recognize that while they share some similarities (communication difficulties, comprehension difficulties, some rigid behavior sets, etc.), they were also individually different. Stimming is not the result of teaching to their interests, but rather a broader issue requiring diagnosis. What does stimming indicate for this indidividual (pleasure, confusion, frustration, fascination, etc.). How easily is it interrupted and the child brought back into the lesson or social experience? How?

  • drawback of using "special interest" - tatem1, Fri May 29 23:25
    Thanks for your reply. I had not thought of how using an ASD student's interest to teach them could back fire in the long run. You gave me something new to think about. I guess it would be better to... more
    • it's not black and white - koppenhaverd, Mon Jun 1 15:15
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