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Stacy Huffman
reply to hillary
Wed Jun 3, 2015 09:44

Hillary you present a very good point and one that I am currently investigating further with a student. I have a student who loves animals. We have given her pictures of a variety of animals to match to their names in print and she has been able to do so with about 95% accuracy. She is for the most part non-verbal so there is no clear understanding of whether she has developed phonemic awareness or has simply managed to "read" using memorization. One thing I plan to do moving forward is to present the pictures first at times to match to the word and other times present the word first to match to the picture see if her accuracy remains the same.

  • Re: McKenzi Davis - hillaryyarbrough, Wed Jun 3 06:41
    That is a very good strategy to get the kids to recognize animal names along with their pictures. This teaches the students concept of print and that animal names have meaning. The only downfall to... more
    • Animal idea - luckadooso, Wed Jun 3 16:33
      I was also thinking along the lines of memorization and the concern that would bring up. I think it might be helpful to do a sort of matching game where you have pictures of several animals and then... more
    • Re: Hillaryyabrough - McKenzi Davis, Wed Jun 3 10:39
      Well I think that this activity can be used to maximise vocabulary, but my main intent was to use this activity to help with initial consonant awareness. There is always a chance that the students... more
    • reply to hillary - Stacy Huffman, Wed Jun 3 09:44
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