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Stacy Huffman
reply to hinesjd
Wed Jun 3, 2015 09:50

You present an interesting question. "How can we tell if some of the more fun and interesting methods we use to teach reading and writing are being perceived by the students as fun but helpful learning tasks or just simply games being played?" I believe that the coolest kind of teaching we can do with students is that which is disguised as something else! If a student is having fun and is learning, but really doesn't know that he is learning, does it really matter? The bottom line is to present the skill in a different setting to see if it has truly been learned and can be generalized. One of my favorite games to play with students is a version of concentration in which students have to match words based on a variety of letter sounds. All the student really wants to do is beat me, the teacher. They have so much fun when we play(and they win of course!) but what they don't realize is that they are learning along the way!

  • Its all fun and games? - hinesjd, Tue Jun 2 07:25
    I would describe emergent literacy for students with ASD as the behaviors exhibited in their reading and writing practice that show evidence of development and understanding of the subject matter and ... more
    • fun/games - catheyt, Sat Jun 6 13:19
      I think the most important thing to look for to see if the learning transfers is to look for it in other areas at different times. So, would JR be able to do this writing in another context? If... more
    • Reply to: Its all fun and games? - Angie Helton, Thu Jun 4 22:43
      Good point. Sometimes I wonder the same thing. But, with my own children, I have found that when something is fun to them, they are more eager to learn. I'm the same way...if the lesson is engaging... more
    • playing or learning - koppenhaverd, Wed Jun 3 15:38
      In answer to this wonderful question. Yes and yes. Yes he is playing and yes he is learning. He finds it fun to take turns making marks on the board. His teacher chooses to focus on the behavior of... more
    • reply to hinesjd - Stacy Huffman, Wed Jun 3 09:50
      • Games - luckadooso, Wed Jun 3 16:16
        I agree with you, some of the times that I have truly learned the most are times when I wasn't even aware that I was learning! Games such as candy land teach colors, rule-following, and turn-taking,... more
      • fun vs learning - koppenhaverd, Wed Jun 3 15:42
        I agree with you to a certain extent. The best learning activities are engaging (not always fun, but always engaging). Ultimately, if kids are going to apply what they are learning in contextual... more
        • Koppenhaver Response - Rebecca McVey, Sat Jun 6 22:45
          I feel like learning gets lost with too much complexity in lessons. There are many simple ways to make learning fun but it can easily get lost in translation when we add too many crafts, intricate... more
        • Cognitive Clarity - Cynthia Trickel, Wed Jun 3 16:58
          That is a great definition. I don't think I have ever used that terminology, yet that is exactly what we are striving for... Not just being able to relate symbols to letters and letters to words, but ... more
    • Its all fun and games? - McKenzi Davis, Tue Jun 2 18:41
      I do not see an issue with using "fun and games" in the classroom to teach students academic concepts. I don't even feel that it would be a bad thing for students to know and think that they are... more
    • Reply to hinesjd- It's all fun and games - hillaryyarbrough, Tue Jun 2 13:38
      This brings up a very good point. In my internship last semester there were a lot of times where the students would be learning science through a youtube video, or doing math and reading on "iReady"... more
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