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Amanda Wallace
Emergent Literacy
Wed Jun 3, 2015 11:40

Hillary, I also find that interesting that emergent literacy isn't just reading and writing skills, but includes the behaviors associated with it. I also thought it would just be the act not the behavior.

  • Emergent Literacy Module 2 - hillaryyarbrough, Tue Jun 2 07:12
    In this population I would describe emergent literacy as the articles described; the behaviors associated with children who have ASD in reading and writing. I found it very interesting that the... more
    • Who Supplies Curriculum? - carsleymm, Sat Jun 6 09:07
      Good question! I've been in a self-contained EC classroom for two years. My students have what is considered "low incident" disabilities (students with severe ASD are also in my group of high... more
      • Curriculum Questions - Rachel Caldwell, Sat Jun 6 14:46
        I never realized how little there could be as far as curriculum given to us. I love how excited you are to create materials and to base them on your students needs. Are there certain places you go... more
    • ideas reflect that from last week - catheyt, Wed Jun 3 19:55
      I agree that this weeks conclusions about emergent literacy reflect those form last week. That is, ASD students have relative strengths in letter and word recognition but difficulty comprehending... more
    • Materials - luckadooso, Wed Jun 3 16:09
      I think your post provided excellent coverage of this week's topics. In regards to your question on materials, I think that it would be useful to make/obtain as many helpful materials as possible... more
    • Emergent Literacy - Amanda Wallace, Wed Jun 3 11:40
    • Reply to Hillary - Haley Brigman, Wed Jun 3 11:11
      As Jacob said, the answer to your questions depends on the school district's funding, etc. which is totally true. However, from what I've learned, a classroom library is imperative to the classroom... more
    • Re: Emergent Literacy Module 2 - hinesjd, Tue Jun 2 07:31
      Excellent connections to last week's readings. I appreciate the question at the end too. While I do not have experience with my own classroom, the ones I have been in have faced similar issues as far ... more
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