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Maggie Horne
Reply to Amanda
Wed Jun 3, 2015 12:30

Amanda, I found it interesting that it took so long for students with ASD to be identified with difficulties in reading comprehension as well. Although no assumptions can be made regarding students abilities solely passed on diagnosis, students with ASD often have these difficulties. Failing to notice this impedes them from developing skills that they can use to further their reading skills, just as you said, and that can have detrimental effects on a student's reading ability. Teachers must address these issues as soon as possible so that student's are given the skills necessary to overcome them.

  • RECALL - Amanda Wallace, Wed Jun 3 11:26
    Emergent literacy is a child's knowledge of reading and writing. In the article, The Impact of RECALL, I found it interesting that reading comprehension difficulties of children with ASD can go... more
    • RE: recall - Lauren Livingston, Sat Jun 6 20:02
      Amanda- I enjoyed reading your response about recall in literacy for students with ASD. In my classroom I use adapted books to correlate with themed topics taught. These adapted books have picture... more
    • RE: RECALL - hildebranak, Thu Jun 4 10:21
      Thank you for sharing your information from the RECALL article. I agree with you that emotion is such a strong force that we as humans encounter everyday. I think we, as teachers, need to take that... more
    • Re: Amanda Wallace-RECALL - hillaryyarbrough, Thu Jun 4 06:11
      You brought up a good point about students with ASD not being able to answer emotional identification questions as well as comments and questions about the readings. I think it is very important that ... more
    • Re: RECALL - lavertyse, Wed Jun 3 14:08
      Amanda, I think that the reading comprehension difficulties are so hard to see because children have to go through a phase where they work really hard to decode words so there is no comprehension... more
    • Reply to Amanda - Maggie Horne, Wed Jun 3 12:30
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