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Re: Everyday is Different
Wed Jun 3, 2015 13:17

I also read this article and thought that was a key point the authors made. The quote was on page 290 and it said, "An important idea that the children helped us to understand was never to assume that today’s interests and understandings would be tomorrows." This is especially important to remember for children with ASD because a lot of times these children become fixated with one thing in particular, so it is good to offer a variety of things and also come in each day expecting the day to be different than yesterday.

  • Everyday is Different - andersenal, Wed Jun 3 13:03
    Something that I found to be really important in the article about Natural Emergent Literacy for Preschoolers was how one day can be so different from the next when working with students with ASD.... more
    • I Agree! - Britt Hatcher, Sat Jun 6 15:47
      I read this article and that is one thing that I noted off the side. I think that as teachers that we definitely need to keep some sort of record on those type things, that show when they progress... more
    • reply andersenal - rognstadgr, Thu Jun 4 16:40
      I totally agree with you. I really liked what you said about tomorrow being a good day. As a special education teacher it can be extremely hard to keep a positive outlook and it can be very easy to... more
    • Differences - Amanda Wallace, Thu Jun 4 14:40
      I think this is so important! We all have good days and bad days. We are also all different and those days will vary. One students bad day may be the same as another students good day. I really do... more
    • Everyday is Different Reply - parsonkl, Wed Jun 3 21:45
      As humans, we all have bad days at some point. With working with ASD students, they may have several bad days in a row followed by one good day. Moods and actions can be unpredictable. It is... more
    • Different Days - luckadooso, Wed Jun 3 16:50
      I think this point is so vital to teaching all children. We all have days where one thing may appeal to us, and days where it doesn't. There are days when I'm really excited about going out to run,... more
    • They Are Human Too - Jean Milton, Wed Jun 3 14:25
      I totally agree with your statement about keeping patience and realizing that everyday will be different. I think another thing to keep in mind is that these students are human too and they have the... more
    • Reply to Amanda - Maggie Horne, Wed Jun 3 13:46
      Amanda, I think that is a key thing to remember when working with all students. Everyone, including us as teachers, will have bad days when we are not functioning at our best. Recognizing this fact... more
    • Re: Everyday is Different - bennettmc, Wed Jun 3 13:17
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