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Re: Natural Emergent Literacy Supports
Wed Jun 3, 2015 15:04

I love that you said that we need to always set high expectations for our students. I believe this too. I think it is some important that we let our students know that we expect a lot from them and that we believe they can reach these expectations. When done in a positive and encouraging way, students will work hard to reach our expectations. To attempt to answer your question, I think that materials for intervention could be provided by either the school or teacher. In a perfect world, the teacher wouldn't have to spend any of his or her own money on supplies. Depending on where you are, your materials may or may not be provided. I love the quote you pulled out of the text though. We really should integrate text into our routines whenever possible. At ASU, they do a great job of teaching us how to integrate our lessons. They show us how to teach language arts and science together. I think that we can incorporate literacy into almost every subject if you work hard to make it meaningful.

  • Natural Emergent Literacy Supports - rognstadgr, Wed Jun 3 14:57
    I found this article especially helpful when it came to actual interventions that should be implemented in the classroom, as well as a clear and concise definition of emergent literacy. I found it... more
    • Practical - Sonya Summey, Sat Jun 6 12:30
      This article was very practical. I liked seeing how teachers could include those practices as often as they could within the classroom. I liked the shared-reading method. I love getting the chance to ... more
    • Behaviors - carsleymm, Sat Jun 6 09:19
      I remember reading recently about a student with ASD who needed to have her hearing tested. Months were spent on teaching the student to sit in a chair, tolerate wearing headphones, and indicate... more
    • Re: Natural Emergent Literacy Supports - hinesjd, Wed Jun 3 20:37
      Yes too high or an expectation is way better than too low of an expectation. Excellent post. To your question, I know some schools I have been in have been very supportive of the special education... more
    • Assistive Technology - Cynthia Trickel, Wed Jun 3 16:12
      When reading the article about Natural Emergent Literacy Supports I found it interesting that prior to the researchers interventions there were little to no opportunities for the students. I also... more
      • reply assistive technology - rognstadgr, Thu Jun 4 16:32
        You bring up a very good point. The main thing I have learned about AT is exactly what you said, AT does not have to be complicated to be effective. I have found that the cheapest and simplest AT... more
    • Reply to rognstadgr - andersenal, Wed Jun 3 15:09
      I completely agree with you when you speak of the importance of setting high expectations and believing your students are capable. The one boy in this article proves that to be true. At the end of... more
    • Re: Natural Emergent Literacy Supports - lavertyse, Wed Jun 3 15:04
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