developmental appropriateness
Wed Jun 3, 2015 15:31

I agree and disagree with these ideas and love that you raised them. Let me explain. Treschaun is 16 in the video, a rising junior in high school, who cannot talk and has not been provided a formal means of communication or reading and writing instruction that has helped him become a conventional reader. I view that as worse than any issues of legality. What the %$#@ has his school system been doing for the past 13 years? You can see he is an intelligent and engaging young man. Clearly they did not do much problem-solving or systematic teaching.
As to developmental appropriateness. (1) He is being read to from a book in a series created specifically (and quite well) for older beginning readers with disabilities: Start to Finish Early Literacy Starters, www.donjohnston.com. The books have simple texts with color photos and even come with some reasonable instructional supports and suggestions. They have content that Treschaun clearly finds engaging and texts that are simple enough that if used systematically over time, Treschaun could learn to read independently (2) Developmental appropriateness is a difficult concept. I read in the past, and still read, comics and books intended for young children (one of my recent favorites is The Book with No Pictures). Most of the readers in my life do the same--they read hard stuff and easy stuff. The point is, I would not impose Blues Clues on a 16 year old, but if I had a 16-year-old who already liked Blues Clues and needed to learn to read and write, I sure as heck would take advantage of that interest. You'll meet Joey during the Writing module (he's 16 and loves Blues Clues).

  • Slightly Troubled - Jean Milton, Tue Jun 2 10:43
    I kind of struggled with this video because Treschaun seemed to be somewhere between the 7th and 9th grade, but the book seemed to be intended for someone in Elementary. Dr. Werts stressed to us... more
    • Question about Treschaun video - Navila Castro, Thu Jun 4 23:58
      While watching this video I couldn't help and ask myself about his transition after high school. I know Professor Koppenhaver mentioned he was a Junior in high school. My question is: When does the... more
    • reply to Jean - Hunter Hastings, Thu Jun 4 20:53
      I agree with you that Treschaun should have been given more of a grade level book to read, but I don't think it is necessary illegal. As long at he is being provided and given access to grade level... more
    • Re: Slightly Troubled - Cynthia Trickel, Wed Jun 3 16:19
      Jean, This is a continuing issue with students who have disabilities. I am always looking for materials which are age appropriate, but yet on an instructional reading level for our students in my... more
    • developmental appropriateness - koppenhaverd, Wed Jun 3 15:31
      • Developmental Appropriateness in the Classroom - Jean Milton, Sat Jun 6 10:36
        Dr. Koppenhaver I saw this used in an internship in a middle school self-contained classroom. The student was a 7th grade male who was enthralled with My Little Pony and I saw a therapist use it in... more
      • RE: developmental appropriateness - Cynthia Trickel, Wed Jun 3 16:26
        Thank you for your insight. I looked up the website and I am very impressed with the materials. I am certainly going to incorporate these books into our reading program. In fact, I have sent the... more
    • Reply to Jean - Maggie Horne, Wed Jun 3 11:59
      Jean, I completely understand where you are coming from with this. It is extremely important to choose text that is developmentally and age appropriate while being functional, but in this case I... more
    • Re: Slightly Troubled - McKenzi Davis, Tue Jun 2 19:20
      I understand a concern as teachers to make sure that text is developmentally appropriate, age appropriate, and functional when we are reading it to our students or having them read it. At first, I... more
      • reply to McKenzie - Hunter Hastings, Sat Jun 6 22:07
        I totally hear ya. I don't think however that there are books that we can select to use when reading to our students that are developmentally and age appropriate. Let's say we have a 11 year old boy. ... more
      • re: slightly troubled - Stacy Huffman, Wed Jun 3 09:57
        As a teacher in a separate school, using material that is age appropriate is a daily struggle.Our students are significantly behind that of their same-age peers. With regards to reading, you DO need... more
        • Shared reading - tatem1, Fri Jun 5 21:32
          I completely agree. I would like to include that with shared reading a student is more likely to be engaged if the text is interesting to them and is on their reading level. I want to teach the early ... more
        • Baseball and Reading - Rachel Caldwell, Thu Jun 4 16:49
          First thank you for the insight into your classroom and daily struggle. This video stood out to me because the book seemed to make the student so happy. Like you mentioned, he was totally engaged and ... more
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