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Jordan Seagraves
Modeling is KEY for any student
Wed Jun 3, 2015 15:48

MODELING!!!! Most people learn by seeing it done rather than just picking it up right away. Eventually these students would be able to write their names, but by having the teacher model writing their names they are probably going to be able to write it much sooner than if they were not showed how to. In my undergraduate classes for reading Dr. Frye always talked about how much modeling helps the students. This seems to be true for students with ASD as well.

  • Writing the students name - lavertyse, Tue Jun 2 20:23
    In the emergent writing videos, we saw that the students were prompted to write their names. Then the teachers helped them write their names. I was wondering, what is the point in this. The students... more
    • RE: writing your name - Lauren Livingston, Sat Jun 6 19:57
      I attended a workshop for writing and literacy skills for students with severe cognitive disabilities, they also discussed the importance of name writing at this workshop. I have seen great success... more
    • Names are self - luckadooso, Wed Jun 3 16:37
      I think that writing one's name is important because it is an easy thing to relate to the idea that words have meaning. A child's name represents them and is one of the first words that they learn.... more
      • attaching name and sounds to letters. - catheyt, Sat Jun 6 14:05
        I think this is powerful for children who are still learning letter sounds and letter naming too. They are using the sound-symbol relationship to a word (their name) that they are the most familiar... more
    • Modeling is KEY for any student - Jordan Seagraves, Wed Jun 3 15:48
      • when modeling works vs. copying - koppenhaverd, Wed Jun 3 16:01
        Sara and Jordan, These students did not already know how to write their names. What we observed in their classes was that the way they were being taught was to copy their name. Copying eliminates... more
    • Reply to Sara - Writing the Student's Name - Haley Brigman, Wed Jun 3 10:57
      My initial thought on this was that usually, writing single letters/writing the child's name is within the emerging stages of writing. So, having the teacher guide the student provides him/her with... more
    • Re: Writing the students name - hillaryyarbrough, Wed Jun 3 06:27
      When I watched these videos I thought the same thing. I'm guessing that the teachers wanted the students to know what the letters feel like, as well as seeing that their name has meaning in print.... more
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