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answers you already know
Wed Jun 3, 2015 15:54

McKenzi, in answer to your question about getting shared reading to work with kids with ASD, you have at least 3 answers from this week: RECALL, CAR, and CROWD in the CAR. Yes interaction is difficult for many children with ASD, but each of those strategies is designed to provide interaction experience and models that are not based solely on wh- questioning. Try one or more of those daily for 4-6 weeks with a kid or group of children with ASD and if you aren't seeing progress, contact me and I'll problem-solve with you. They work.

I'm interested that you see Treschaun as a best case. He's 16, can't talk, has no formal means of communication, reads at the level of a 3-yr-old typically developing child. The issue of "reading what you don't want to read" is not an issue that should come into play when trying to help emergent literate children become conventional readers. That problem is often either reading instruction or content area (social studies, science) instruction done poorly in a limited variety of materials that are too difficult for the child(ren) to read with comprehension.

Take a reading methods class with Beth Frye if you haven't already. Lots of alternatives.

  • Re: Shared Reading and ASD? - McKenzi Davis, Tue Jun 2 21:11
    I saw the Traschaun video as well. I really liked it and thought the teacher did an awesome job with this particular read aloud. This video seemed like the "best case scenario." But, sometimes,... more
    • answers you already know - koppenhaverd, Wed Jun 3 15:54
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