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when modeling works vs. copying
Wed Jun 3, 2015 16:01

Sara and Jordan, These students did not already know how to write their names. What we observed in their classes was that the way they were being taught was to copy their name. Copying eliminates literacy learning opportunity by reducing writing to a visual-motor task. Did you know that I can copy fluently in more than 180 different languages, but I can only write in English? What we figured out was (1) kids need opportunities to write their names because names are powerful initial writing successes--they mark our toys, our cubbies, our lunch boxes, our identity. (2) if you want kids to learn to write their names and understand how names and writing can be used socially, linguistically, communicatively, you can't do it by copying. (3) if kids write first and you model second, and you don't tell them what they did is wrong and what you did is right, they gradually (about 4-6 weeks for the kids in our preschool study) progress toward writing their name (and other words) more conventionally.

  • Modeling is KEY for any student - Jordan Seagraves, Wed Jun 3 15:48
    MODELING!!!! Most people learn by seeing it done rather than just picking it up right away. Eventually these students would be able to write their names, but by having the teacher model writing their ... more
    • when modeling works vs. copying - koppenhaverd, Wed Jun 3 16:01
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