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Wed Jun 3, 2015 16:09

I think your post provided excellent coverage of this week's topics. In regards to your question on materials, I think that it would be useful to make/obtain as many helpful materials as possible ourselves. If we make our own materials, we can gear them towards the specific needs of the children that we are working with. For instance, when working on letter recognition, we could make flip books with pictures and words beginning with certain letters that the child would be familiar with or things like that. One of the articles mentioned, as well, how children with ASD can be served in a classroom situation very similar to that of mainstream, typically developing students. Looking at it this way requires us to shift from looking at ASD as a diagnosis of "can't" to a diagnosis of "can"!

  • Emergent Literacy Module 2 - hillaryyarbrough, Tue Jun 2 07:12
    In this population I would describe emergent literacy as the articles described; the behaviors associated with children who have ASD in reading and writing. I found it very interesting that the... more
    • Who Supplies Curriculum? - carsleymm, Sat Jun 6 09:07
      Good question! I've been in a self-contained EC classroom for two years. My students have what is considered "low incident" disabilities (students with severe ASD are also in my group of high... more
      • Curriculum Questions - Rachel Caldwell, Sat Jun 6 14:46
        I never realized how little there could be as far as curriculum given to us. I love how excited you are to create materials and to base them on your students needs. Are there certain places you go... more
    • ideas reflect that from last week - catheyt, Wed Jun 3 19:55
      I agree that this weeks conclusions about emergent literacy reflect those form last week. That is, ASD students have relative strengths in letter and word recognition but difficulty comprehending... more
    • Materials - luckadooso, Wed Jun 3 16:09
    • Emergent Literacy - Amanda Wallace, Wed Jun 3 11:40
      Hillary, I also find that interesting that emergent literacy isn't just reading and writing skills, but includes the behaviors associated with it. I also thought it would just be the act not the... more
    • Reply to Hillary - Haley Brigman, Wed Jun 3 11:11
      As Jacob said, the answer to your questions depends on the school district's funding, etc. which is totally true. However, from what I've learned, a classroom library is imperative to the classroom... more
    • Re: Emergent Literacy Module 2 - hinesjd, Tue Jun 2 07:31
      Excellent connections to last week's readings. I appreciate the question at the end too. While I do not have experience with my own classroom, the ones I have been in have faced similar issues as far ... more
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