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Elevator riding
Wed Jun 3, 2015 16:22

I loved your comment about the elevator, it is so true! We face the front in an elevator because that is what we see others do. If it were common for others to face the back or side, that is what we would do as well. Expanding on that idea, someone decided to face the front of an elevator because that is where the doors are that they will exit from, so the process made logical sense. It is the same with standing on an elevator. We stand rather than sit on the floor because it is easier for us to remain standing for that short amount of time rather than get up and down. We understand that we are being productive by getting on an elevator in that it will get us to where we need to go and the small things we do are a way of making that easier. It is the same with reading and writing for emergent students. They are beginning to understand that an ability to do the two things will help them to communicate and the small things (page turning, letter recognition, etc) are ways of beginning that process. Very insightful!

  • Emergent Literacy for Children with ASD - Jean Milton, Tue Jun 2 10:53
    For me, I believe emergent literacy to be any behavior exhibited by a child that demonstrates their understanding of conventional reading and writing or their understanding of the goal of reading and ... more
    • I can't remember the video, maybe it was the lecture, but I thought it was cool how the students from different cultures/countries learned their 'style' of writing. Although the scribble marks on the ... more
      • Reading Clinic Experiences - Jean Milton, Sat Jun 6 10:24
        I noticed this happening a lot in the Reading Clinic when working one-on-one with a student. A lot of times I couldn't make out the student's writing due to misspellings, but when I would ask the... more
    • Elevator riding - luckadooso, Wed Jun 3 16:22
    • Re: Emergent Literacy for Children with ASD - lavertyse, Wed Jun 3 14:25
      I really like the way you stated your post. your definition of emergent literacy is spot on, to me. I like how you compared it to riding an elevator. We never sit there and tell kids that we need to... more
    • Reply to Jean Milton-emergent literacy - hillaryyarbrough , Tue Jun 2 13:33
      I love the point you make about teaching children with Autism explicit instructions on how to do things, such as flipping through a book from left to right. I had never thought about the differences... more
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