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Emergent Literacy Reply
Wed Jun 3, 2015 21:53

I agree with your points about students who are nonverbal. It amazes me how individuals can communicate non-verbally, and still be able to be fully understood. Using body language, gestures, and sounds seem to be a good way that non-verbal individuals can communicate. I feel eventually students will be able to learn from the access they are given to read and write in a beneficial way. I feel all of this overall gives them the ability to learn and be understood.

  • Emergent Literacy in ASD Lecture - Allison Powers, Wed Jun 3 10:31
    The lecture completely changed the way I think about literacy in children, especially children with autism. Honestly, I did view it as a linear process with listening and speaking skills coming... more
    • Reply to: Emergent Literacy in ASD Lecture - Angie Helton, Thu Jun 4 23:02
      I always thought that the way a student learns to read is listening, speaking, writing, then reading and comprehension. You brought up a good question, if the ASD child learns to write and read... more
    • Where to start: writing - Megan Rembert, Thu Jun 4 13:21
      I completely agree with how the nonlinear learning process was different than I thought it would be. In regards of where to start, I would say the writing video that was posted from YouTube is a... more
    • Emergent Literacy Reply - parsonkl, Wed Jun 3 21:53
    • Linear Process - Jordan Seagraves, Wed Jun 3 16:51
      I also thought everyone learned listening and speaking skills before learning to read and write. It still blows my mind to think about why this is different for children with ASD and how it could... more
    • Reading/Writing before speaking - luckadooso, Wed Jun 3 16:46
      In my experience at the North Carolina School for the Deaf, I worked with a student with ASD. He struggled a lot with communication in general, especially through sign and any vocalization was... more
      • Reply to: Reading/Writing before speaking - Angie Helton, Thu Jun 4 23:06
        What a great experience. My mom is deaf and does not sign at all. She is verbal though and read lips very well. I think the opportunity you had to work with that child is awesome. Giving him plenty... more
    • Re: Emergent Literacy in ASD Lecture - McKenzi Davis, Wed Jun 3 15:59
      I, like you, was somewhat shocked when the lecture told us that literacy is not linear like many intend for it to be. This is a hard concept for us to take grasp of because I think that some of us... more
    • appreciate the honesty - koppenhaverd, Wed Jun 3 15:20
      Good for you, Allison. I think life experiences and conventional practice often lead us to the understanding you have. The complexity is hidden by the success most of experience individually. The... more
    • Understanding - Jean Milton, Wed Jun 3 14:16
      I totally missed the part or didn't fully process the statement of students on the spectrum generally understanding reading and writing before they can begin to understand listening and speaking. I... more
      • reply to Jean: contradictions - macdonaldke, Fri Jun 5 12:00
        I also found this idea of learning writing and reading before speaking and listening contradictory to what I've believed and have been taught. Especially in my diversity class for ELLs, we talked... more
    • Reply to Allison - Emergent Literacy in ASD - Haley Brigman, Wed Jun 3 10:47
      I was interested in this too. I had always thought of reading as a step by step process. Erikson's Model in the Emergent Literacy lecture where reading, writing, speaking, and listening all feed off... more
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