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EC in the classroom
Thu Jun 4, 2015 06:38

I'm surprised by the lack of support that classroom teachers get for their EC students. Most teachers here do not have training on how to modify for the needs of these students. We are handed an IEP and told to teach them our CORE standards. Its not realistic to expect teachers to understand and meet he needs without the support of trained professionals like EC teachers and other support professionals. In CA, we were given a list of accommodations and told to modify (which usually meant cut the work in half). There is an ASD boy in a kindergarten class at my school now. The teacher was not given any information on his dis/ability nor told how to best teach him. The EC teachers don't have a lot of truing or knowledge about how to best teach him either. I'm glad that I'm taking this class so that I can be more of a resource at my school.

  • It is sad - whitemb2, Wed Jun 3 20:43
    I believe that is sad when parents are told or given the impression to like you said "dumb down." This reminds me of the Ted video we watched last week with Chris when he talked about how his mother... more
    • The Teacher's Assumption - Allison Powers, Fri Jun 5 23:26
      I think we all had the same reaction to the teacher's actions in her self- contained classroom. I had the impression that the teacher assumed that her students weren't capable of a lot, and that was... more
    • EC in the classroom - catheyt, Thu Jun 4 06:38
      • reply: EC in the classroom - Erica Phelps, Thu Jun 4 19:12
        I also find it concerning that many teachers do not have training on how to modify instruction for EC students, including ASD, in the classroom. I think that it would be very helpful if teachers were ... more
        • Reply to Erica - Navila Castro, Fri Jun 5 00:34
          You bring up a very important point. While working in an elementary school as a TA I would always see a few teachers that would always get the majority of EC student's in their class while the others ... more
      • RE: catheyt: EC in the classroom - hildebranak, Thu Jun 4 09:05
        I would like to know more about how EC students are treated differently in other states. I was surprised when you said "most teachers here do not have training on how to modify for the needs of these ... more
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