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Hayden Porter
Reply to Rebekah Brown
Tue May 26, 2015 12:15

Rebekah, what an incredible sounding program! That's awesome. Despite still being in your undergrad, it sounds like you've had several experiences that you have definitely benefitted from! What are your plans for the HOPE program after you finish school? I also had an internship at Hardin Park, and it was a great experience. The teachers there are very knowledgeable and they serve students with such a variety of needs. Are you getting your Master's in Reading Ed or Special Ed? Best of luck to you!

  • Introduction - brownrf, Tue May 26 11:40
    Hi all, I'm Rebekah Brown. I am a senior, Special Education major in the 4+1 program. Since I'm still an undergrad, I haven't had much experience teaching yet, but here are my experiences... I... more
    • Rebekah reply - hinesjd, Wed May 27 18:52
      Wow! Your story is awesome. HOPE seems like a wonderful program (something every community should have). I look forward to learning with and from you this semester.
    • RE: Introduction - Kelsie Fender, Tue May 26 13:33
      Hello, Rebekah! My name is Kelsie and I am also a senior in the 4+1 program. However I am an elementary education major. I have also had very little teaching experience and I'm excited to learn from... more
    • Reply to Rebekah Brown - Hayden Porter, Tue May 26 12:15
      • Reply to Hayden - brownrf, Wed May 27 10:53
        Thank you very much, it's been a crazy but incredible journey with the program. I am actually in the process, this summer/upcoming year, of making HOPE a non-profit organization. That is my dream... more
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