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RE: Assessment
Thu Jun 4, 2015 10:12

My cohort just finished a class on assessment and I was amazed at the many different ways in which assessment can be used. You can use just asking questions about a reading to see if the child understands. You can also have a child show you a visual of what they have learned whether it be a poem written, a summary, or a picture that they have drawn.

We learned that assessment just doesn't have to be about answering questions on a test. Teachers can use all these and other ways to see if a child is learning.

  • Assessment - luckadooso, Wed Jun 3 16:58
    Emergent literacy in children with ASD is the sum of the actions that indicate that a child is learning the meaning of reading and writing and how they are used in the world. I found it interesting... more
    • Re: Assessment - Sara Pappas, Thu Jun 4 17:38
      I like this question! Honestly, the best assessments I have seen are informal observations. In other words, watching children while they play, while they do their job boxes or work given to them... more
      • Re: Sara - Alexandria Spurrier, Sat Jun 6 14:30
        I agree with the informal assessments. I think they are very important to see students work and play naturally and not forcing them to do anything.
      • Informal Assessment - luckadooso, Fri Jun 5 07:22
        Sara, I definitely agree with you! Informal assessment is a low-pressure situation in which we can observe what students are truly capable of. My question becomes now, how can we prove to those above ... more
    • RE: Assessment - hildebranak, Thu Jun 4 10:12
    • Re: Assessment - bennettmc, Thu Jun 4 09:58
      Since I am not teaching, I can't really speak into your question with accurarcy. However, the children I have worked with who have ASD were assessed once a week when they went into the classroom. The ... more
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