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RE: Home Literacy Environment
Thu Jun 4, 2015 10:39

I agree that what students are exposed to at home carries over into what they are able to learn at school. I think the more a student is in poverty, the less they are able to be exposed to books and reading. The reason I say this is that if their parents have a job that barely makes ends meet, or if they have no job at all, there isn't much opportunity for them to have books in the home and so that kind of leads to a child being uninterested and illiterate at school. Home life is very important for children in their ability to comprehend and learn.

I wish there was some way for funding to be put into the home in the form of books, so that every child had the same advantage outside of school as they do inside school.

  • Home Literacy Environment - brigmanhd, Wed Jun 3 10:33
    In the article "Emergent Literacy in Children With Autism: An Exploration of Developmental and Contextual Dynamic Processes," the case study included data on home literacy environment. From what I... more
    • reply brigmanhd - rognstadgr, Thu Jun 4 16:49
      I think that you have a valid point. The home environment is very important and plays a very active role in the students literacy skills. It is unfortunate that most parents don't realize the... more
      • knowing home life - macdonaldke, Fri Jun 5 12:05
        I think that for the majority of the time, the issue is not that parents don't realize the importance they play in their child's education, but time and resources may limit their involvement in that... more
    • RE: Home Literacy Environment - hildebranak, Thu Jun 4 10:39
      • Reply to Amy - brigmanhd, Thu Jun 4 20:01
        Wouldn't that be great?! My hope is to one day find a way to help increase reading in the home and provide books for students to keep at home. However, until then, I think we as teachers should... more
    • Re: Home Literarcy Environment - bennettmc, Wed Jun 3 13:28
      Great post! In my reply to McKenzi's post, we also discussed the importance of outside influences. Teachers play a critcal role in the educational growth and success of children with ASD, but parents ... more
    • Re: Home Literacy Environment - andersenal, Wed Jun 3 13:20
      I agree that exposure to print and being read to at home is really important for students with ASD as well. As teachers, knowing how crucial this is for literacy skills, we need to emphasize to... more
      • Involving parents - miloshcl, Fri Jun 5 10:19
        Great point! Sending books home is a fantastic way to help some of our students play catch up to those who have had many many early literacy experiences at home. Involving parents with the strategies ... more
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