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Re: Logo Reading
Thu Jun 4, 2015 13:20

Great thought!
Funny you should mention the McDonald's logo. I used to volunteer with a student who went to a school that had a giant "BR" for the name of the elementary school on the sign outside (not Blowing Rock). This same student also loved ice cream, so whenever his parents would take him to Baskin Robins he saw the BR sign and asked why he was going to school. I think logo reading is a great starting point for literacy skills because it teaches students that print carries meaning and the meaning of that print dictates the function of the word(s). But you are correct; at some point we need to fade logo reading. Yes, the colors and shapes are nice, but students need to learn how to read regular print in order to increase their literacy skills past the initial level.

  • Logo Reading - whitemb2, Wed Jun 3 22:09
    In the Breit-Smith Justice chapter, there was one part that discussed logo reading. Okay, I won't lie, I honestly never knew that was a thing. The article stated that "Knowledge of print concepts... more
    • Re: Logo Reading - hinesjd, Thu Jun 4 13:20
      • Logos and literacy - miloshcl, Fri Jun 5 10:01
        I think that awareness of the entire world of print, including logos alongside conventional print, is one of the first goals for learners. Logo reading is a good way to practice letter recognition... more
    • Re: Logo Reading - bennettmc, Thu Jun 4 09:49
      That's a good point. I've actually never thought about this happening, but I would say that teachers need to just continue to teach a variety of words starting with that particular letter and... more
      • RE: logo reading - K. Madison Broome, Thu Jun 4 14:16
        I find this discussion about logo reading so interesting! I honestly never really knew it was a known strategy. Finding meaning in words and letters is extremely important. It gives children a reason ... more
        • Response to Logo Reading - Navila Castro, Fri Jun 5 00:14
          Adding to the discussion about teaching generalization when it comes to logo reading, I learned that students can carry logos of places like the grocery store and visual cards with text of items with ... more
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