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Sara Pappas
Re: Assessment
Thu Jun 4, 2015 17:38

I like this question! Honestly, the best assessments I have seen are informal observations. In other words, watching children while they play, while they do their job boxes or work given to them during the day. Not the piece of paper you place in front of them or the book you expect them to read; but the times in which they are living their day-to-day lives and learning from each other and the world around them. That is when you can take data and see the improvement of the times they say hello when they walk into the classroom or write their date in morning group or whatever it may be.

  • Assessment - luckadooso, Wed Jun 3 16:58
    Emergent literacy in children with ASD is the sum of the actions that indicate that a child is learning the meaning of reading and writing and how they are used in the world. I found it interesting... more
    • Re: Assessment - Sara Pappas, Thu Jun 4 17:38
      • Re: Sara - Alexandria Spurrier, Sat Jun 6 14:30
        I agree with the informal assessments. I think they are very important to see students work and play naturally and not forcing them to do anything.
      • Informal Assessment - luckadooso, Fri Jun 5 07:22
        Sara, I definitely agree with you! Informal assessment is a low-pressure situation in which we can observe what students are truly capable of. My question becomes now, how can we prove to those above ... more
    • RE: Assessment - hildebranak, Thu Jun 4 10:12
      My cohort just finished a class on assessment and I was amazed at the many different ways in which assessment can be used. You can use just asking questions about a reading to see if the child... more
    • Re: Assessment - bennettmc, Thu Jun 4 09:58
      Since I am not teaching, I can't really speak into your question with accurarcy. However, the children I have worked with who have ASD were assessed once a week when they went into the classroom. The ... more
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