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Re: Elementary Ed Lesson Plan
Thu Jun 4, 2015 19:45

Sarah, McKenzi, Kelsie, and Kelly,

First of all, I think y'all did an awesome job. The lesson plan was so detailed, I feel like I could take this and easily apply it if I were a teacher. Here are two things in particular that I thought were key from the lesson plan. First, that you seated Blake directly in front of the teahcer's desk. He most likely would require special attention, therefore I feel his seat in the classroom is important. Secondly, although the focus was on snake, I felt it was important that the teacher mention that their are other words that start with "S." From Module 2, we have learned this week that logo reading can cause children to associate letters with certain concepts only (example M=McDonalds), therefore it's important to provide other examples to students, as you all suggested. Great job again!

  • Elementary Ed Lesson Plan - McKenzi Davis, Thu Jun 4 09:42 Sarah Luckado, McKenzi Davis, Kelsie Fender, and Kelly MacDonald.
    • Reply to Elementary ed. Group plan - Navila Castro, Sat Jun 6 19:01
      I really liked your ASD student characteristics section. The description really shows good use of behavior examples like speech, and let's the substitute know that when he seems to act defiant, it... more
    • RE:Elementary Ed Lesson Plan - tatem1, Sat Jun 6 00:55
      Wow, you all did great! If I were a substitute in this classroom, I would know exactly what to do; there wouldn't be any confusion or guessing. I love how you all added a picture of the room's... more
    • Re: Elementary Ed Lesson Plan - bennettmc, Thu Jun 4 19:45
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