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Angie Helton
Reply to: Read Aloud: Treshaun Video
Thu Jun 4, 2015 22:38

I also watched this video and was amazed at how his teacher was able to keep him engaged. I liked that he was able to use his sign-language along with his verbalization to get his answers and what he had to say across. The teacher did really well at relating the baseball story to his life by asking him questions. Another thing she did that I really thought was great was referring back to previous pages in order to show Treshaun all the bases around the field. I think she was trying to show him the organization and the steps it took to score a point in baseball.

  • Read Aloud: Treschaun video - tatem1, Tue Jun 2 02:59
    I also loved this video and agree that it is a great example of a successful reading. I learned different reading methods and techniques that I plan to use in my future classroom. Evette was not... more
    • Reply to: Read Aloud: Treshaun Video - Angie Helton, Thu Jun 4 22:38
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