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Gradual Incentive
Thu Jun 4, 2015 22:45

I believe incentives are very important! I won't lie, as an adult I love incentives! Of course I am not receiving toys or awards, but I receive compliments for doing my job which makes me feel happy. I don't believe that we ever don't want incentive for our jobs. I do believe that for children we should always give them incentives, however we should gradually change the incentive. It might start out as children receiving toys, then they start to receive awards, and then the older students get, the more 'grades' are starting to be seen as incentives for children and even college students. I believe it takes time, but we usually end up on that path and receive different things that we consider "incentives."

  • Signing in and up - Sara Pappas, Thu Jun 4 16:46
    When I think of emergent readers I think of the term "abstract concept". A lot of what these children with disabilities are experiencing is trouble understanding the ideas that are not blatantly put... more
    • Different Contexts - brawleyeo, Fri Jun 5 19:00
      I also read the Breit-Smith, Justice article and really appreciated the seven different contexts/strategies the reading included. I agree with the "signing in and up" being a really important... more
    • Reply to Sara: Signing in and up - Maggie Horne, Fri Jun 5 12:52
      Sara, I definitely agree with you on describing emergent reading as an abstract concept. Reading for many emergent readers is a something that is very difficult for them to grasp. Teachers need to... more
    • Gradual Incentive - whitemb2, Thu Jun 4 22:45
      • RE: gradual incentive - Lauren Livingston, Sat Jun 6 19:50
        I enjoyed reading your views on incentives. I personally do not like incentives and have not seen success when using incentives. The few times I used incentives I found that students obsessed over... more
      • RE: Gradual Incentive - K. Madison Broome, Fri Jun 5 21:49
        I totally agree! I think that rewards and incentives can always be present they might just change their form. For example, a good reward for me would not be a toy but maybe praise or something like a ... more
      • reply to whitemb: gradual incentive - macdonaldke, Fri Jun 5 10:54
        I agree with your point in saying that there is always an "incentive" for doing anything, but the perspective on the incentive and types of incentives changes over time. I liked how you mentioned... more
    • Reply to Sara - andersenal, Thu Jun 4 17:40
      I think you're right when you say that incentives can be really important to the beginning of the process. I don't think there is a specific age or time that is the same for all children when taking... more
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