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Allison Powers
Good idea!
Thu Jun 4, 2015 23:14

I really like your idea about having a central theme, then doing lots of different things with that. I still think it is difficult as a teacher to decide when to move on to a new skill, or even when to decide that your methods are not being effective and you need to try something new. I think this is where experience comes in and that maybe this is one of those things that just takes time.

  • Overdone! - whitemb2, Thu Jun 4 22:51
    I love your post because I think the same thing! I have students where we work with the same materials for a whole week and then they tell me that they are tired of it or want to do something... more
    • Reply to Megan: Overdone - Maggie Horne, Fri Jun 5 11:38
      Megan, I also loved your idea of having a central theme! In Dr. Deal's class we were able to take a central theme and develop many different lesson plans around it. We were able to utilize a lot of... more
    • Good idea! - Allison Powers, Thu Jun 4 23:14
      • time - Cynthia Trickel, Fri Jun 5 07:53
        Allison, I agree that you learn by experience. Sharing ideas on forums such as this is a great way to get ahead in the game, because you are learning from the experience of others. The idea presented ... more
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