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Reply to rognstadgr
Thu Jun 4, 2015 23:34

You're right sign language can be a great tool used to assist other learning. For example in one of the videos a teacher is going over a story book using sign language in a group setting. Although it seems that not all students used it as a way to fully communicate, it helped bring a visual aspect to reading and bringing meaning to text which is very important when teaching students with ASD. From what I have learned from emergent literacy, all aspects interacting together help develop the skills that lead to writing and reading. Bringing together listening and speaking can aid reading and writing.

  • reply hildebranak - rognstadgr, Thu Jun 4 16:13
    I had never thought about sign language helping students with their writing skills. Learning sign language has been a life goal of mine. I went to a sign language workshop at Hardin Park a few years... more
    • Reply to rognstadgr - Navila Castro, Thu Jun 4 23:34
    • ASL and Communication - Rachel Caldwell, Thu Jun 4 16:31
      I have had the opportunity to take 2 levels of American Sign Language at ASU, and I have gotten to use it with students and members of the Deaf community. Like others have mentioned, it is so... more
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