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Reply to Erica
Fri Jun 5, 2015 00:34

You bring up a very important point. While working in an elementary school as a TA I would always see a few teachers that would always get the majority of EC student's in their class while the others only got one or two. I used to pull out groups to help with literacy and would mostly just walk into those teachers rooms. I believe it is very important to train all teachers in having more understanding in serving these children. When teachers are not prepared, it is more likely that they will become frustrated and just set them aside without giving them the proper help. Spreading out these students in different classrooms with qualified teachers would help out the ones that get the overload and also help with successful inclusion.

  • reply: EC in the classroom - Erica Phelps, Thu Jun 4 19:12
    I also find it concerning that many teachers do not have training on how to modify instruction for EC students, including ASD, in the classroom. I think that it would be very helpful if teachers were ... more
    • Reply to Erica - Navila Castro, Fri Jun 5 00:34
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