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reply: I wonder...
Fri Jun 5, 2015 11:11

I think your idea is really good, we discussed that as a group a little bit: starting the narrative process by asking the child to recall events that they did recently. I think a good idea to expand this further is to dictate whatever the child says and then show them, saying, "Look, you just wrote a story," and maybe they can draw the illustration. This method lends itself to later, when the child has mastered more narrative abilities, they could maybe fill out templates themselves about events, kind of the C in CROWD, like "First, I ______. Then I ________" and so on!

  • I wonder.. - miloshcl, Fri Jun 5 10:14
    I'm so curious about this now! I didn't read anything about this so it hadn't come to my attention but you bring up a very good point. It's definitely one of the main premises of written language and ... more
    • reply: I wonder... - macdonaldke, Fri Jun 5 11:11
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