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reply to Jean: contradictions
Fri Jun 5, 2015 12:00

I also found this idea of learning writing and reading before speaking and listening contradictory to what I've believed and have been taught. Especially in my diversity class for ELLs, we talked about BICS (basic interpersonal communication skills) being developed way before CALPS (conceptual and academic language). I thought this could be related to any student who is not verbal, but is this not the case? Basically, students learn conversational and simple language and vocabulary before they learn more complex vocab. We also talked about how there is a nonverbal period at first in which ELLs can understand what they are listening to, but will not produce language (speech or writing). So, my question is, since we know language development begins at birth or in utero, does language development not usually begin with listening?

  • Understanding - Jean Milton, Wed Jun 3 14:16
    I totally missed the part or didn't fully process the statement of students on the spectrum generally understanding reading and writing before they can begin to understand listening and speaking. I... more
    • reply to Jean: contradictions - macdonaldke, Fri Jun 5 12:00
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