Jordan Seagraves
Answering question about transition
Fri Jun 5, 2015 14:19

I think it is a great thing for these students to have so many different ways to write or communicate right there in front of them. As to transitioning a student from slapping a hand to verbal or written responses, I think the child needs time and consistency to transition to something else. After continuously working with the same student eventually you will or should see them go from scribbling on the board, to scribbling from left to right, to forming some kind of shapes to act as letters. I am just taking a guess at this but I feel as long as you are consistent and you allow time they will show improvement to simple means of communication.

  • Multiple Means of Expression - macdonaldke, Fri Jun 5 11:04
    I think one important aspect of the reading materials and videos was the importance to provide multiple means of expression of the students emergent literacy behaviors. This could be, as some of you... more
    • Response to "Multiple..." - Chelsea King, Sat Jun 6 23:36
      I love that you talk about the different forms of communication here. In my student teaching placement we actually had a student who was non-verbal and she communicated through hand gestures. Towards ... more
    • Thats an interesting question. I wonder the same thing. To change the behavior and transition to a verbal response, would you stop responding to the hand tap and ask for a verbal request? Would this... more
    • Expression - carsleymm, Sat Jun 6 09:24
      I agree with you about the importance of providing students with a variety of ways to communicate. I've been a teacher for two years, and I've already worked with students who communicate with... more
    • RE: Multiple Means of Expression - tatem1, Fri Jun 5 22:43
      Yes, the devices used to assist individuals with ASD were great. I had never seen devices like those used before. While watching Matthew and his mom read and use one of these devices I was skeptical... more
    • JR Video - Anonymous, Fri Jun 5 18:09
      I did not notice that JR was tapping the teacher's hand when he wanted the teacher to erase the board! I originally didn't like that the teacher was erasing what he worked on, and thought maybe she... more
      • JR Video - brawleyeo, Fri Jun 5 18:12
        I wrote the post above and included my original message as well. I somehow got signed out when I posted! I did not notice that JR was tapping the teacher's hand when he wanted the teacher to erase... more
    • Answering question about transition - Jordan Seagraves, Fri Jun 5 14:19
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