Jordan Seagraves
Adding on to what Mandy said
Fri Jun 5, 2015 17:18

To add a little on to what Mandy said. In one of our reading their was a study held in a preschool. The researchers observed them during free time and during the time ...4 or 5 months into the research they provided plenty of materials for the students and they mentioned that one of the best ways for children to learn to read is by letting them explore books and even the exploration of writing utencils and paper/computer. This allowed the children to get interested in reading and writing and eventually would lead into the beginning of the process.

  • JR and Kyle question reply - andersenal, Fri Jun 5 15:20
    I think that free time is a big part of their daily routine. Allowing these students the freedom to choose to browse through books is a natural emergent literacy learning opportunity, which is... more
    • RE: JR and Kyle - Kelsie Fender , Fri Jun 5 22:13
      I think that would be a good set up for the classroom. It's important to allow students to develop their literacy skills through exploration. In my group discussion we talked about the importance of... more
    • Adding on to what Mandy said - Jordan Seagraves, Fri Jun 5 17:18
      • And more... - Cynthia Trickel, Fri Jun 5 19:07
        When I was reading the article about natural emergent literacy supports, I gathered that when the students were provided with plenty of materials and books that their learning was enhanced. It... more
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