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Social-based Interventions
Fri Jun 5, 2015 17:54

My article discussed shared reading as well (Breit-Smith, Justice) and discussed emergent literacy as being grounded in the idea that reading and writing is built through social interactions. The article raised the question if these social-based interventions (which made me think of shared reading, as it requires joint attention and interaction) are effective due to social-pragmatic weaknesses in children with ASD and it left me wondering the same thing. However, using these types of interventions can simultaneously improve social skills and emergent literacy. I also saw a comment below that suggested keeping reasonable expectations, but the important thing is that we try because you never know what will work. I agreed with what my reading suggested about social-based interventions targeting social skills and literacy simultaneously and felt that with the right student that it could really be beneficial!

  • Shared Reading and ASD? - McKenzi Davis, Tue Jun 2 18:30
    ASD students struggle greatly with reading comprehension. Oral language skills (vocabulary and listening comprehension) are a prerequisite to reading comprehension. When ASD students struggle with... more
    • Social-based Interventions - brawleyeo, Fri Jun 5 17:54
    • Reply to: Shared Reading and ASD? - Angie Helton, Thu Jun 4 22:53
      I find it interesting that you talked about how a person learns to read. One of the videos talked about how a baby in utero begins to distinguish between noise and voices. From that, when the baby is ... more
    • Answering question - Jordan Seagraves, Wed Jun 3 15:38
      I think getting the shared readings to work for a student with ASD can be tricky. I think you need very thoughtful planning to have a successful reading. For an emergent reader, you want to make sure ... more
    • Shared Reading Works for Students with ASD - Jean Milton, Wed Jun 3 14:21
      I think a start to answer your question would be for educators to practice patience and diligence. Through personal experience I have found that those two things go a long way for students on the... more
    • Reply to McKenzi - Maggie Horne, Wed Jun 3 12:09
      McKenzi, this is a great question and something that I have been struggling to answer myself. I think Jacob brought up a great example of shared reading regarding the Treschaun video, but you are... more
    • Shared Reading - Amanda Wallace, Wed Jun 3 11:34
      I also read the shared reading article. I think that to get shared reading to work teacher constantly have to prompt students for answers and input. Since students with ASD rarely ask questions about ... more
    • Re: Shared Reading and ASD? - hillaryyarbrough, Wed Jun 3 06:16
      This is a great question. When reading this article I was thinking the same thing. It really hit me when my group was making our lesson plan. When trying to plan a shared reading activity for a... more
    • Re: Shared Reading and ASD? - hinesjd, Tue Jun 2 21:01
      Great question for the module. I think picking a book that keeps student's interest and then making the reading of the book fun can be helpful in making shared reading work. The teacher asking the... more
      • Re: Shared Reading and ASD? - McKenzi Davis, Tue Jun 2 21:11
        I saw the Traschaun video as well. I really liked it and thought the teacher did an awesome job with this particular read aloud. This video seemed like the "best case scenario." But, sometimes,... more
        • answers you already know - koppenhaverd, Wed Jun 3 15:54
          McKenzi, in answer to your question about getting shared reading to work with kids with ASD, you have at least 3 answers from this week: RECALL, CAR, and CROWD in the CAR. Yes interaction is... more
    • Re: Shared Reading and ASD? - lavertyse, Tue Jun 2 19:56
      I think we saw some of these strategies in the videos with the three little monkeys. We saw that the students were really familiar with the book and were able to engage in the retelling of the story... more
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