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Erica Phelps
Reply to Erica
Fri Jun 5, 2015 18:42

I agree, I understand that it can be difficult for teachers to support struggling readers in upper grades, but this is not an excuse for them to be pushed aside. I love your statement "reading is the foundation of education" and I feel like this is so true. Without the ability to read, students will fall behind in all subjects and it is unfair to all students, especially ASD students, to deprive them of this education just because they learn at a slower rate.

  • Reply to Erica - brigmanhd, Thu Jun 4 20:07
    This is interesting that you brought this up. I'm not sure if this is where you were going with your post but the typical curriculum in schools shifts around 4th grade. Learning to read transitions... more
    • Reply to Erica - Erica Phelps, Fri Jun 5 18:42
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