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Shared reading
Fri Jun 5, 2015 21:32

I completely agree. I would like to include that with shared reading a student is more likely to be engaged if the text is interesting to them and is on their reading level. I want to teach the early elementary grades. I think the key to reading comprehension is to get kids to truly enjoy reading. In one of the videos for this module, JR was completely entranced by books and that interest in books is likely to facilitate his learning.

  • re: slightly troubled - Stacy Huffman, Wed Jun 3 09:57
    As a teacher in a separate school, using material that is age appropriate is a daily struggle.Our students are significantly behind that of their same-age peers. With regards to reading, you DO need... more
    • Shared reading - tatem1, Fri Jun 5 21:32
    • Baseball and Reading - Rachel Caldwell, Thu Jun 4 16:49
      First thank you for the insight into your classroom and daily struggle. This video stood out to me because the book seemed to make the student so happy. Like you mentioned, he was totally engaged and ... more
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