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K. Madison Broome
RE: Gradual Incentive
Fri Jun 5, 2015 21:49

I totally agree! I think that rewards and incentives can always be present they might just change their form. For example, a good reward for me would not be a toy but maybe praise or something like a pay check. For a young boy, they may love extra time with a computer game or something. Also, the amount of incentive given can change with time and age. For example, simple behavior specific praise could be enough or it may require something bigger like a trip to the prize box. Motivation is so important and powerful. Knowing what motivates a student is even more powerful and useful!

  • Gradual Incentive - whitemb2, Thu Jun 4 22:45
    I believe incentives are very important! I won't lie, as an adult I love incentives! Of course I am not receiving toys or awards, but I receive compliments for doing my job which makes me feel happy. ... more
    • RE: gradual incentive - Lauren Livingston, Sat Jun 6 19:50
      I enjoyed reading your views on incentives. I personally do not like incentives and have not seen success when using incentives. The few times I used incentives I found that students obsessed over... more
    • RE: Gradual Incentive - K. Madison Broome, Fri Jun 5 21:49
    • reply to whitemb: gradual incentive - macdonaldke, Fri Jun 5 10:54
      I agree with your point in saying that there is always an "incentive" for doing anything, but the perspective on the incentive and types of incentives changes over time. I liked how you mentioned... more
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