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Stacy Huffman
re: miloshcl
Fri Jun 5, 2015 22:57

I too love the idea of signing into class every day. I think with our population of students it is important to focus on opportunities that are both meaningful and natural. This whole strategy has my wheels spinning. As teachers at my school, we have to sign each of our students in and out every day. Meaning, we have to put what time they arrive and leave. I am currently working on a goal with one of my students (with autism) on telling time. What a natural way to incorporate this into our day! He can sign himself in and out each day and write the time! We can work on this skill daily, in natural opportunities.

  • Meaningful learning opportunities - miloshcl, Fri Jun 5 09:53
    The researchers and authors of that article talk a lot about natural, meaningful learning opportunities that can be structured into every day routines. One of those is 'signing in' to class every... more
    • RE: Meaningful learning opportunities - hildebranak, Sat Jun 6 23:02
      I agree that we should incorporate meaningful learning into our classrooms. I think this will vary from student to student though. I think this is why we need to be sure to learn new ways of teaching ... more
    • re: miloshcl - Stacy Huffman, Fri Jun 5 22:57
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