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hooray for experience
Tue May 26, 2015 13:24

And I' thrilled that you have some experience with autism that you can share with us. I'm confident you'll learn some useful strategies in here.

  • Introduction - Stacy Huffman, Mon May 25 19:39
    I somehow managed to post my introduction in the wrong place.....My name is Stacy Huffman and I am a special education teacher. This past year I taught an autism support class and and plan to teach... more
    • hooray for experience - koppenhaverd, Tue May 26 13:24
    • Don't worry, be happy. - koppenhaverd, Tue May 26 13:23
      Don't worry about posting in the wrong place. It's the first day and we're all learning. So far :-) I've not had a student create an unfixable error with this threaded discussion.
    • Re: Introduction - Amanda Wallace, Tue May 26 09:21
      Stacy, I look forward to learning more about your experiences in this class. I think its great that we have so many different perspectives and experiences this semester.
    • Reply to Stacy Huffman - hillaryyarbrough, Tue May 26 08:22
      Hi Stacy! It's going to be great having a special education teacher's input in this class. I can't wait to learn from your experiences with children who have an autism spectrum disorder. I have never ... more
    • hi Stacy! - catheyt, Mon May 25 20:58
      I'm so glad that there are a mix of students with a range of experience. I am a general ed teacher and have little experience with ASD students, though I feel like this is become much more common in... more
    • Hi Stacy - carsleymm, Mon May 25 20:18
      Hi Stacy. I'm so glad we made it into the same class! I'd love to plan on collaborating with you for this class...Especially since we're at the same school.
    • Stacy Huffman reply 1 - hinesjd, Mon May 25 20:02
      Your story is very interesting Stacy; I'm sure you are a wonderful teacher and love your job! I look forward to learning from and with you this month and gaining some valuable insight into the life... more
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