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Lauren Livingston
response to Emergent Literacy Plan
Sat Jun 6, 2015 07:53

Hey! This was a very well laid out lesson plan that was created and could be used within any classroom. I like this lesson plan because the student with ASD is included and engaged within the kindergarten classroom. The book you chose is a great method to build emergent literacy. Repetition is a great way to engage students and decrease some anxiety they may have from the demand of literacy.

  • Class of 2015 Emergent Literacy Plan - lavertyse, Wed Jun 3 19:51
    The following link is available for view for anyone at Appalachian State.
    • Comments on Class of 2015 Emergent Literacy Plan - Kelsie Fender, Sat Jun 6 20:36
      This was a phenomenal lesson plan! I think all aspects of the lesson were clear and concise even down to the amount of time to give students to answer each question. I love the car method because it... more
    • response to Emergent Literacy Plan - Lauren Livingston, Sat Jun 6 07:53
    • Lesson plan feedback - luckadooso, Fri Jun 5 07:37
      Wow! Your lesson plan was very comprehensive and easy to follow for someone just coming into your classroom. It is helpful that you mention that a TA will be in the room to help as well, relieving... more
    • Class of 2015 lesson plan feedback - macdonaldke, Thu Jun 4 19:48
      Wow, your lesson plan was really comprehensive and I feel it would beneficial to the student you have described the the ASD characteristics. Some strong points were the book you chose, I love Eric... more
    • I really liked this lesson plan and thought that it was a great way to address what we learned about Emergent Literacy in this week's module. I like how the text addresses the student's interests. I... more
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