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Kelsie Fender
Tue May 26, 2015 13:25


My name is Kelsie and I am also just beginning in the 4+1 program, however I am an elementary education major. I have had limited experience with individuals with autism. I am looking forward to learning from people who have had different experiences than I have, especially special education majors! Do you go by Alexandria or something shorter?

  • Alexandria Spurrier Introduction - Anonymous, Tue May 26 12:42
    Hi!! My name is Alexandria Spurrier and I am an undergraduate student majoring in Special Education at ASU. I am just now beginning the 4 +1 Masters in Reading Education and this is my first class I... more
    • Re: Alexandria Spurrier Introduction - parsonkl, Wed May 27 19:43
      Hi Alexandria, I think it is great you have gotten to do an internship where there were two students in the classroom who had autism. I have not gotten to have that experience yet, but I am hoping to ... more
    • Hello! - Kelsie Fender, Tue May 26 13:25
    • Hey Alexandria! - miloshcl, Tue May 26 13:06
      This is my second course in the 4+1 program, I'm sure we'll have many more together! What year are you? How was your internship? I worked closely this past semester in my first practicum placement... more
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