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Response to 4+1 Lesson Plan
Sat Jun 6, 2015 09:55

This lesson plan is great! It is very simple and straight to the point. It would be very easy for a substitute teacher to follow and perform. One thing that I really like is the behavior chart that y'all talked about using with the student. I was in a classroom with a student exactly like that and the behavior chart was a great help!

  • ASU 4+1 group lesson plan - ASU 4 + 1 , Thu Jun 4 21:33
    This is the link to the ASU 4+1 group lesson plan.
    • Reply to ASU 4+1 Lesson Plan - Maggie Horne, Sat Jun 6 14:49
      Great minds think alike, I love your choice of book! I believe that it is a book that will interest many students. You were very detailed while describing Caleb's characteristics and setting in the... more
    • Feedback for ASU 4+1 Lesson Plan - Alexandria Spurrier, Sat Jun 6 13:05
      What a coincidence that we both used similar books! I really liked the lesson plan and how simple it was and very easy to follow as a substitute. I thought going back to review where the front page... more
    • Response to 4+1 Lesson Plan - brownrf, Sat Jun 6 09:55
    • Reply to: ASU 4+1 - Hunter Hastings, Sat Jun 6 08:40
      It's so funny that y'all chose to “If You Give a Moose a Muffin” by Laura Joffe Numeroff. We chose to do "If you give a Mouse a Cookie". Anyway, I think this a simple lesson plan that gives a lot of... more
    • Link to SHARED document - ASU 4 + 1 , Fri Jun 5 22:14
      If you had trouble viewing the first one, hopefully this link will work!
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