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Response to Tracy Nicole
Sat Jun 6, 2015 10:09

Tracy, you're so right, teaching these students does take a lot of patience but it is so worth the time spent! From my experience, and I've had little, I don't think age necessarily helps with their focus and being more engaged BUT it seems that the more students are in the classroom and have opportunities to learn, they become more engaged and focused. I work with a young lady with autism during the summer and she tends to lose her focus easily when we do schoolwork she doesn't enjoy but once we get into a routine a keep working, she tends to open up and allow herself to focus.

  • Emergent Literacy - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Fri Jun 5 20:06
    Emergent literacy is the pre-reading skills such as holding a book the right way, turning the pages, gripping a pencil the correct way, and writing squiggles on the page. I noticed the students were... more
    • Response to Tracy Nicole - brownrf, Sat Jun 6 10:09
    • Engagement is EVERYTHING! - carsleymm, Sat Jun 6 09:17
      I agree with you that student engagement is what it's all about. I have seen different things work with different students with ASD...Age hasn't had much to do with it. I have worked with a... more
    • RE: Emergent Literacy - Lauren Livingston, Sat Jun 6 08:06
      In response to your question regarding as students with ASD get older are they able to engage and pay attention better: I have a middle school class for students who have moderate to severe... more
    • Student Interest - coxdm, Fri Jun 5 22:52
      I also noticed that the students were more engaged when they were personally interacting with the books. I think a large part of getting older students to focus on the book is to use a topic they are ... more
    • RE: Emergent Literacy - Kelsie Fender , Fri Jun 5 22:02
      Hi! I also have very little experience with students with ASD, and I agree that this has been an eye opening experience so far! I believe to keep students engaged we must give them plenty of hands-on ... more
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