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Sat Jun 6, 2015 10:21

From my experience working with students with ASD who have high frustration levels, it is easy to think you as an educator are doing something wrong but more than likely you're not. It is really important to keep a positive mind set and to always remember you know what you're doing! I was in a classroom once that had a student who got extremely frustrated and whenever she got very frustrated, she would get violent. It was hard to keep a positive attitude and I felt like I was doing something wrong but I realized she was learning and there was really nothing I could do about her being violent. Stay positive and it will all be ok, we have been taught well and we know what we are doing!

  • Frustration and Questions - parsonkl, Fri Jun 5 18:50
    I have learned a lot so far about individuals with ASD. I never really thought about the steps that went into learning, and how individuals with ASD learned. One thing I have noticed in several of... more
    • Patience - Sonya Summey, Sat Jun 6 12:15
      I am in the same boat as you, that I have not been a classroom teacher yet. It is a lot to think about and with each student being so different it will require a lot of patience. Everyone will have... more
    • RE: Frustration and Questions - hildebranak, Sat Jun 6 11:49
      I am so glad you asked this question. I am worried that I won't know enough to teach these students. It seems though that we all may have these worries. I think it is great to remember that we need... more
    • Response to parsonkl - brownrf, Sat Jun 6 10:21
      • Thank You for the Encouragement! - Rachel Caldwell, Sat Jun 6 14:22
        Thank you so much for opening up about your experiences and showing us that it will be ok. The unknown can be hard, especially when each student and their needs will be so different. It is great to... more
    • It's About The Journey - carsleymm, Sat Jun 6 09:13
      When I took Advanced Topics in Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities last semester with Dr. Marlow, I remember discussing a particularly difficult student with him. He gave me advice that was... more
      • RE: It's About the Journey - Nicholas Flippen, Sat Jun 6 15:23
        Much like Dr. Marlow, I took Dr. Van Loan for a class in Block 1 focusing on Classroom Management and Positive Behavioral Supports. Dr. Van Loan actually said the exact same thing to our class about... more
    • Reply - K. Madison Broome, Fri Jun 5 22:27
      I really appreciate your honesty with these questions! I agree with everyone else that having fears and doubts it so common! You are not alone! I think the key is to have grace for yourself and to... more
    • RE:Frustration and Questions - tatem1, Fri Jun 5 21:55
      I doubt myself all the time too; I think we all do. To answer your question, I believe that if a student is not progressing then we must do corrective teaching instead of reteaching. We have to be... more
    • Re: Frustration and Questions - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Fri Jun 5 19:59
      I also have no experience working with students with ASD and I have noticed some of the same things you have. I believe teaching students with ASD takes a lot of patients and it requires a teacher to ... more
    • Reply: Frustrations and questions - Erica Phelps, Fri Jun 5 19:28
      I think that the fear of failure is natural for anyone starting something new. Given it is possible that a student may be very challenging to reach, I think that as long as a teacher cares and... more
    • Frustration - brawleyeo, Fri Jun 5 19:07
      I also noticed this in several of the videos. One video in particular, under Read Alouds, Josh was with a teacher flipping through a book. Josh tried to leave, but the teacher grabbed his arm and... more
      • Re: Frustration - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Fri Jun 5 20:09
        I noticed the same thing. I also noticed the students were much more engaged when the teacher allowed them to interact with the books by touching or singing. They seemed to be experience a much more... more
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