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Band I haven't heard of?
Tue Dec 13, 2016 15:57

Post-rock? Ethereal sound? Bowed guitar? Icelandic? Thank you Wikipedia I will give this a listen!

  • For X and other concertgoers: presale password: INNGANGUR Shows in Toronto and Montreal on May 28 and 30. I had to miss the previous tour due to my just starting... more
    • Band I haven't heard of? - Emik, Tue Dec 13 15:57
      • Did you like what you heard? - Crono, Fri Jun 23 02:06
        They came to my area a few weeks ago, and I enjoyed the show so much that I had to see them again, even though it meant driving a few hours there and back, alone, on a night before work. The most... more
        • Not entirely outside my wheelhouse - Emik, Mon Jun 26 18:59
          Not sure I could call it something I'd pop on in the shower but they had a very interesting sound that made for great ambient music. Overall I'd say I enjoyed it, thanks!
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